About Rocky

My experience

The medical community would have you believe that healing pain is impossible, but the reality is healing pain and trauma is now fully supported by the discoveries in the quantum sciences. (Quantum Physics, Epigenetics and more)

As a researcher, teacher and an accomplished healer, I can now offer you the best healing treatments available that do NOT include drugs, machines, touching or health products. Over the last 20 years I have mastered the art of shifting subconscious programming to facilitate the release of pain creating beliefs. It is your cellular frequency that determines the status of your cellular health, and mental health.

I have vast experience working with different types of pain and stress. As a result of that, I can help you with all your personal challenges. The secret to healing is to surrender to the beliefs buried deep in the subconscious mind.

A very gentle supportive healing process is provided to create safety and trust. Reprogramming your cellular body through my unique coaching, and counselling will always be the most effective methodology to facilitate miraculous healing outcomes. Of course, this involves much that is not seen, but truly felt.

With 20 years experience and many, many testimonials of clients who healed what they thought was impossible, now is the time for you to consider getting your pain free life back again where you feel good every single day.

Quantum sciences, easily found on YouTube with superstar scientists like Dr. Bruce Lipton PhD, Gregg Braden, Nassim Heremein PhD, Dr. Joe Dispenza PhD, and a whole legion of intelligent credible professional scientists and medical professionals who operate in pure integrity, are all saying the same thing: Your emotional programming controls your physical and mental reality from your subconscious mind..

By changing your programming, you raise your cellular frequency and you magically create a healing potential for instantaneous pain / trauma release.

I have proven this technique with several hundred clients since I created this unique healing modality to ensure that healing, not coping with pain or trauma would be the goal every healing session.

I offer a free 30-minute introductory healing session for any pain issues, or mental health challenges, no obligation.

98% of my clients experience a release of pain, depression, anxiety, fear, shock or whatever trauma you are experiencing, in the introductory healing session.

Choose to be pain free, get your life back.