Quantum Emotional Healing

Quantum Emotional Healing Specialist

The Science of Healing Pain and Mental Health Trauma

How do you describe a healing experience, a feeling? Well, I will share how emotional healing works by talking about the science. First, I encourage you to completely let go of the medical mindset: I do not treat you with any pharmaceutical products at all.

Let me start by talking about conscious energy where noted research institutions have been doing research for over 50 years: (Harvard and Stanford Universities) Einstein knew a hundred years ago that your body is an energy field operating at a lower frequency.

Your cellular body is constantly receiving signals containing information from a part of your DNA old science calls “Junk DNA”. These signals are measured by frequency. Modern science, not funded by pharmaceutical companies, calls this part of your DNA – The “QUANTUM DNA”.  We know that the frequency of your cells directly matches the information stored in your Quantum DNA. This information also creates the feelings of pain, struggle, chaos, sadness, depression and anxiety, for example. This information is stored in your DNA, in your subconscious mind, not your brain. The brain is a struggle / pain creator.

It is exactly like a computer works with information stored in your hard drive. The information stored in your quantum DNA reveals what you truly believe about your worthiness or unworthiness to receive love.

I help women release the negative information using a subconscious, safe, gentle releasing process that is a million times more effective than mind therapy.

Simply put, once the frequency changes, there is no room in your cellular body to store pain. It disappears as if it was never there in the first place.

If you suffer with chronic pain of any type, depression, anxiety, relationship drama, domestic abuse trauma, or P.T.S.D., I can help you.