Rocky’s Bio

I had an abusive childhood with a great deal of physical pain and mental abuse.

My father’s behaviour embedded beliefs of extreme unworthiness that eventually brought me down in a dizzying spiral into a deep darkness. That was 1997.

Like most, I went to a doctor to get medications. 3 weeks later I threw them away because they did nothing to help me, and that is when I knew the drugs were a non-healing illusion.

I was in despair thinking my life would be this dark hole forever.

I was introduced to an unbelievable healing / channeling goddess, and I began the long journey back to feeling good again.

That was when I was introduced to the healing wisdom that makes up the core of my talents today.

In 2006, I was made aware of my unique healing gift to heal pain.

Not really knowing what I was doing, I met 4 different women in the next month, each suffering with severe migraine headaches.

I helped each woman release their extreme pain in about 30 minutes. These miraculous healings inspired me to learn what I was doing to heal pain so easily.

This led me on a 15-year journey of research and mastery of my new healing modality, called Quantum Emotional Healing.

I researched several Conscious Energy Sciences like Quantum Physics, Epigenetics, Biophysics, Neuroplasticity, DNA Frequencies, and more.

Today, I have helped several hundred women heal every type of pain and mental health issue you can describe. I have branched out into domestic abuse trauma, PTSD, and relationship drama.

I have written two published books (Now E-books for free)

I have been interviewed on the radio over 65 times.

I welcome all your questions regarding your healing needs.