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Brenda – Montana, USA – Anger, Depression, Fear

 By the time, I had met Rocky, my life was near an end. Suffering endlessly from so constant illness, my body & heart hurt very badly. I had been at “rock bottom” for 8 years. After 8 sessions, I was feeling so much better. I recorded a video containing my explanation of what I had experienced. Not only did Rocky help to clear some emotional blockages I’d been suffering, but he helped me to gain further insight on a couple of things I’d already been unwilling to face. I felt so much better and the pain did not come back. Amazing, and I very highly recommend contacting him because I know he can help so many people with his knowledge, understanding and gifts.

Cathy’s Depression: Healing Inner Child and Abuse Issues

I have suffered from depression for years. I thought I would have to carry this burden for the rest of my life. Rocky Krogfoss has advanced wisdom and experience with how energy flow from thoughts affect the body. He helps women suffering from physical and emotional pain identify and heal what they may not even realize has been programmed in their subconscious mind. I could not believe what came up for me when Rocky brought me to my Inner Child.

He empowered me to embrace my true goddess power, free from the controlling abuse.        

He inspired me to release how family and men have controlled me. Now I have a new beginning where I value myself and take charge of my life. By feeling truly heard and understood by Rocky, his intuitive guidance has quickly taken my life lessons to a whole new level in a very short period of time. I am incredibly grateful for his healing gift With Gratitude, Cathy

Karen – Chronic Pain and Depression

 I must share with you what I experienced last night. Finally, Gordon and I went to a workshop explaining what Rocky does for a living. We have put it off for years, losing contact Rocky and then just yesterday, reconnecting, as if it was meant to be. He’s an Emotional Healing Therapist and sure knows his stuff. After his workshop, Rocky gave me a hug. I felt something I had never felt before. The energy was like pins & needles go right through my body. He asked if I could feel it. As Gordon as my witness, I could not control my tears: My emotional state let loose. I thought I had learned all that I could in how to deal with my health & depression with no medication and through relaxation/meditation and thought with intent, but last night I found I had missed something in my subconscious mind and Rocky tapped into that. Thank You Rocky. You have the Power and I feel honored to know such an amazing gifted person!!


Ann Helena – Barcelona, Spain – Anxiety, Depression

 When I contacted you, I was feeling horribly down, sad, bordering on depression.  I would cry at the drop of a hat. I lost my job, the one I treasured so much. Yesterday, I was walking on the streets of Barcelona, and I realized that I was very much in a place of peace with everything, it was an unknown constant feeling and it is still there. I’m convinced it’s the healing. So much to learn and suddenly it all seems so logical. I believe in myself, in the world, in everything. I can’t describe it; it’s an opening that feels so real to me. No words to describe it.  After our session today, I feel so amazingly good.  Thank you Rocky for the distance healing you did, it was phenomenal, and it really works. Now I am going to sit down and watch your YouTube Videos, I know I have much to learn. Blessings, Ann Helena

Gulf Islands, BC, Canada:  Janet suffered from extreme anxiety and depression

“I recently was recently referred to a man whose name is Rocky for healing by a trusted friend. Rocky uses Quantum Emotional Healing which is different type of healing than what I had experienced in the past. Rocky does not focus on mind therapy. The first time we met was on Zoom live chat online and within the first 5 – 10 minutes, I was able to release years and years of anxiety by connecting to the fears and the tears that had been stuck within me for so long.

In a follow up session, I was feeling very depressed. Once again in only minutes, he miraculously took me out of the depression. I have never experienced anything like that before in my life! This is clearly a different kind of healing! The best part is that now he is teaching me and supplying me with the tools to do my own healing. If you are in any kind of emotional pain or any other pain for that matter, you should give this is a man a call.

Rocky is an extremely compassionate, a true healer who has gone thru his own stuff. He has studied Quantum Science and put together his own unique way of healing. Rocky’s gift makes him stand out above other traditional healing methods. I truly hope by me sharing this message, it encourages other women to seek the help that need it. Thank you Rocky for your healing gift. Janet

Carolyn’s Daughter:  Teenager in constant fear and anxiety

 My daughter is a young adult who is gifted intellectually and artistically. With this comes a certain kind of social anxiety.  She doesn’t usually feel like part of the social scene.  I took her to see Rocky and they connected right away, as I thought they might.  He was able to easily reach her and her advanced way of thinking about the peace that the world bestows upon her and how to live it each day and dispel the fear when it tries to creep in.  She was so relieved to have spoken with him and her anxiety diminished immediately. Thank you for your help.

Chronic Pain

Pamela in Kelowna:  Hip and Lower Back Pain

“Recently I was in pain for several days in my lower back and left hip area to the point that I was bent over sideways when I walked. Rocky gave me a distance healing session over the phone. He started gently guiding me back in time to the origin of my issue. He used a variety of techniques and was so caring and sensitive throughout. Two days later I was standing up straight and by the third day I was 90% better! I wouldn’t hesitate in referring Rocky to assist in facilitating the healing of any issues and I love that he creates such a safe space. Rocky is very gifted at what he does, and I love that he is willing to share his gifts and wisdom.”      Pamela

Taraka In Singapore:  Acute Lower Back Pain

Thank you for what you have done for my back pain. It is amazing how even over the phone that this healing can take place from a distance. My back has been in great pain since I arrived back in Singapore from Vancouver a week ago.  As we talked on the phone, I could feel warm heat running down my spine and on the lower back. I felt like being wrapped in a warm blanket as the pain began to leave my back. While my body began to feel lighter and lighter. I recall telling you that I felt like I’m melting into the bed. After our session is over, all I wanted to do was curl up in bed and sleep.  I woke up at around 6.30am. Whatever had happened the night before with the healing work, I felt light as a feather and the rest of the day I was completely alive and up lifted. I had so much energy I completely clean the house. Whatever it was that I was holding on to and causing me pain, I know it is gone now. Thank you Rocky, so much for being the bridge to allow this amazing healing to take place. Deep gratitude, Taraka

Michelle – San Francisco – Anxiety, Chronic Pain                                                      

Rocky is simply amazing!  He is an extremely gifted and talented healer.  He has the ability to help you release pain, anxiety, fear, and stress that you have been holding onto for years. He has personally helped me release pain in my neck, shoulder and arm. After a healing session with Rocky you feel this lightness that stays with you and you never want it to leave. Rocky is the real deal, he’s truly authentic and works from a place of true love. I would highly recommend having a session with him, he will truly astonish you with his amazing abilities.

Brisbane, Australia: Kristina suffered from intense back pain                                 

I have just had an AMAZING healing with Rocky. Going from being bedridden on morphine with a bad back to being totally pain free 4 hrs later. The pain started to subside during the session, and it continued to release until it was all gone. I am SO grateful for his insight and dedication. His empathy knows no bounds. I can’t thank you enough Rocky – Kristina

Connie Sue: Fibromyalgia Client

Thank you once again for the wonderful insights into who I really am. 20 years of daily pain and I feel no pain at all in my body, it’s unbelievable! Yahoo!!


Jackie Struggled with Migraines and Depression for Years                                    

I had a severe migraine the day I went to see Rocky. When I left, it was completely gone. A year and a half later, I do not experience migraines at all and do not take any medication. The best part of it all, however, was that he helped me to find the inner strength I needed to pull myself out of the state of depression.  The pains in my neck from the accident were dramatically improved and I now look at my fears in a whole new way. About a year went by, I was having trouble sleeping and felt very confused about many different aspects of my life due to some new realizations. Rocky helped me to ground and balance myself and feel safe enough to look into those fears more deeply.  He really empowered me to figure things out for myself, which I truly valued.  He intuitively knew exactly what I needed.  When I left that day, I felt a surge of personal empowerment and responsibility, which has stuck with me.  I have much more clarity in my life and feel so much more responsible for the way I am feeling.  He reminded me that I am already doing what I am here to do and helped me to see why it is important to just feel love and enjoy life. People around me are responding in a very positive way to my new confidence and I am thoroughly enjoying my life.

Donna Suffered with Migraines Regularly

For the past 20 years or so I’ve suffered from frequent migraine headaches. I can’t take prescription medicine for them because I am sensitive to most medications. So that leaves me with a choice of Advil or herbs which often don’t make a dent in the pain. My migraines usually start on the right side of my head, then travel to the left side before gradually dissipating after about 3 days. My first session with Rocky was done in-person. We sat quietly, facing each other, my eyes were closed. As I sat there acutely aware of the pain, I suddenly noticed a dramatic change in the nature of the pain. When I told Rocky this, he told me to visualize the pain washing down through my body and out through the bottom of my feet. As I did so, the pain completely disappeared and I was left feeling completely calm, at peace, and immensely relieved. This whole process took no more than 10 minutes. The next time I developed a migraine, we went through the same procedure but this time we were connected only over the internet via Zoom. And another time, the healing took place while were connected only by the phone line. Rocky’s skill as a healer of migraine headaches is truly phenomenal and I am extremely grateful to him for helping me get rid of them in a timely and effective manner with no side effects whatsoever. While I continue to work with Rocky on my core beliefs around self-worth which are the root cause of my migraines, I know Rocky can help me release them almost as quickly as they arise, using his non-invasive, method of quantum healing.

Women’s Workshops

“Wow! Your workshop was great. I can honestly tell you it certainly rocked my world, right to the inner core!! As you know and everyone who was there knows, I experienced a very profound healing. Afterward, I felt quite up lifted and a huge emotional weight was released from my chest which I had carried around for all these years. Thank you so much Rocky – you really Rock!”  Diane

“Thanks Rocky.  That was absolutely the greatest workshop I’ve ever attended.   Thanks again.” Susan

“The workshop is truly life changing. It was an experience that left me feeling deeply empowered in the knowledge that who I really am, who we all are, is far more magnificent than I have ever dared to believe. The small powerless person who I thought I was is just an illusion. It is an illusion that I now have the awareness to dismiss with love and forgiveness. This in itself has given me a peace that I didn’t know was possible.  There are no words for how deeply this changed how I think of myself.”      Julie

“This is a great workshop! I walked away feeling empowered and can’t wait to go back so that I can hear it all again. Rocky is truly an inspirational speaker


“I would encourage anyone wanting to explore the “possibilities” in order to promote their own growth and self development to take Rocky’s course on Quantum Physics and, Healing. The workshop on “How do I change my reality by changing my thoughts”, Rocky gave me the tools to see that the most valuable things are to be found within ourselves.  His gentle demeanor and genuine passion for what he is teaching creates a harmonious learning environment. He empowers you to ‘step out of the box’ and ‘Think Big’, realizing the potential that is within each and every one of us. I am looking forward to the next course and continuing on my journey to freedom.”   


“I wanted to thank you for the insights that you brought into my life. It helped me get out of the cycles of fear and pain. I learned to elevate myself to a higher state of perception that enabled me to deal with my challenges. I also learned how to activate the power within myself. I have been able to heal my own migraine headaches a few times since taking the course. I am grateful for all I learned in the workshop series. I appreciated the safe, empowering and supportive environment you created in our class. Overall, I was amazed at the results of the healing wisdom and results of the course material and I highly recommend anyone wanting to make changes in their life, that they take this course.”  


“I want to thank-you so much for your awesome workshop I wanted to let you know how this has empowered my life….      


Relationship Drama / Grieving

Jessica – Grieving A Relationship Loss, Boston

 Rocky has a powerful way of identifying hidden areas of challenging emotion beyond the conscious awareness. His insight abilities and guidance are delivered with kind compassion.      It is something that must be experienced to be able to appreciate the strength of releasing the emotional prohibiting cause. There is a depth in Rocky’s approach that can help peel back the layers with ease. The process must be embraced as if traveling the road of least resistance. I am grateful that you helped me turn the corner with the loss of my relationship, thank you so much.

I just wanted to thank you for all the work you did to help me release my fears around my ex-wife and my new fiancé Nicole. I realize now the guilt I was feeling guilty around my daughter and the end of my marriage almost spelled the end of my current relationship with the woman I truly love. Your wisdom and gentle approach helped me safely move me past this overriding guilt and burden I have carried for 5 years since my marriage ended. Nicole and I are forever grateful to you. You helped us see that love is the only answer, and my daughter is safe having three adults who love her. Since you helped me get over the hump, my ex-wife and I get along better than ever. Your work is truly amazing, thank you so much 

Mike and Nicole – Relationship Trauma, Fears, Guilt

Relationship Healing Session I recently had an Energy Healing Session with Rocky.  I found the session to bring me back in balance and harmony with who I truly am.  His insight was full of truth, tact and sensitivity.  Most important, suggestions that were practical to apply which has me in my Goddess light and recognizing my own beauty.  Having a session like this from a man was uplifting and perfect as it was related to my own relationship with my boyfriend.   


Domestic Violence Abuse

“Anyone who is going thru any kind of emotional turmoil needs to contact Rocky.  Rocky has helped me dig my way out of my own personal hell and end an abusive violent relationship when I was just about to quit on life and death seemed to be the only solution to end my pain. But then Rocky and I connected, and he showed me how I was creating this hell I was in. He helped me to remember “Who and What I Really Am” and that I was Never Alone, even if it seemed that way at the time. He helped me get my own power back, begin to believe in my own value and right to be loved and then some! He has healed me on so many levels. Anyone who is going thru something painful right now needs to contact Rocky today and let him help you.”

Samantha – Depression / Suicidal Feelings – Las Vegas


Hi Rocky,
On behalf of the Vancouver Business Network’s members, I thank you for the excellent content that you shared with us last night. It is hard for me to imagine anyone in the audience who didn’t pick up some useful tactics, tips and tools to help them use positive energy to improve their sales results. As the event organizer, I want to personally thank you for being so easy to work with.            Kind regards, Roger Killen

Aug.8 / 2017 – Vancouver Business Networking

I am the Organizer of the Vancouver Business Network Meetup. On July 5, 2016 Mr. Rocky Krogfoss spoke authentically, eloquently and enthusiastically to my members. The title of his presentation was “Unleash the Unlimited Power of your Subconscious Mind.” Rocky totally engaged the audience with his stories and examples and the depth and breadth of his knowledge around all things related to mindset. He opened many eyes to the potential that can be realized by harnessing the power of our thoughts to achieve amazing results. My members simply loved him.

July 6 / 2016 – Vancouver Business Networking

Rocky was a guest on my radio show – Expect to Be Empowered on May 20, 2016. He is insightful, compassionate and dedicated to his work. His story which he so eloquently told, has a wealth of wisdom behind it that he uses when facilitating healing sessions.

Radio Show Interview – MJ Domet

Last night we had a wonderful, silly and fun show with Rocky Krogfoss!!! Rocky did healings for the listeners, shared his insight and helped many who didn’t call in with the wisdom of his words. Thank you so much for joining us, Rocky!!!

Radio Show InterviewKevin Thompson  – The Buzz