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  • Women’s Healing and Empowerment : This webinar is very introspective and will teach you many of the areas where women, through no fault of their own, give away their power to everyone, but mostly men. You will learn all about Core Beliefs and where they come from. A core belief most women have is; “I give my love away to everyone, in the hopes of getting some back 
  • Quantum Upgrade: This webinar will introduce the Quantum Mindset to all healers and interested parties to add value to your current healing modalities that you use. When you understand Quantum Healing,you may use it regularly. You can heal pain and trauma permanently using Quantum Emotional Healing. This webinar is highly interactive, all questions are welcome.
  • The Subtle Art of Listening: Why hearing a woman can lead to a deeper love: This webinar is from my book with the same name. This is designed to help men understand why listening to you, his beloved, and keeping his comments to himself, and remaining quiet while fully hearing you helps you feel loved, supported, heard, valued and it is then when a woman opens up to sharing more of her love for you, the man who feels he does not get enough loving. It is so simple yet so difficult for men to understand this basic concept. Once a man understands what you , his beloved needs from him, your peace and in-to-me-see will return to levels you had when you first met.